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Web Site Promotion Terms

Ad Clicks / Clickthroughs

The number of users that click on a banner or link and reach the target site. Compare to Ad Views / Impressions.

Ad Views / Impressions

The number of times a user has the opportunity to see your banner or link. There may be 1 clickthrough for every 100 ad views. Compare to Ad Clicks / Clickthroughs.

Auto Responder

An automatic reply with a "form letter" message in response to a certain action on a web site. Can be used as an E-mail brochure or confirmation that a message is received.

Destination Site

A web site indended to attract repeat visitors. Destination sites rely on specialized news, regular updates, and possibly interactive content.


Item requested from the web server, NOT the number of visitors or page views. Compare to Hit Counter, Page Views, Visitor/User Sessions.

Hit Counter

A visual display of how many times a page is viewed, usually a JavaScript program. These figures should not to be relied upon for calculating genuine hit statistics.

Page Views

The number of times a specific web page is requested from the web server. Compare to Hit.


The last place your site visitor was before following a link to your site. Referrer information should be available as part of your online statistics program. Tracking referrers is important; search engines and directories are common referrers.

Search Engine

A database of web site information, generated by automated software programs and indexed using key words and phrases. AltaVista and Google are examples of search engines.


The online equivalent of "junk mail", usually unsolicited advertisements, promotions or chain letters.

Spider, Robot

Automated software programs that follow hyperlinks to search or "crawl" through the Internet recording information about web sites and their content.

Traffic or Data Transfer

The amount data the web server transfers from your web site and related files. Site traffic is measured in Gigabytes and most hosting providers set a limit on the amount of "free" web site traffic.

Unique User or Visitors / Sessions

A Session is the activity of a unique visitor to your site. Session activity is stored on the web server in log files, which are analyzed to produce your online stastics. Unique visitors are the users who visited your site once during the reporting period.


Standard for sites to share and forward discussion information. Like a chat room, it is a place for online discussions on areas of interest.

User / Visitor

Interchangeable terms for the end user of, or visitor to your web site.

Viral Marketing

The most sought-after form of web site promotion, it's users sharing your site with their friends. Contests, discounts, and easy "Send this site to a friend" links are examples of viral marketing.


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