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GetNetSmartSM Web Site Hosting is as simple and reliable as you need it to be. Our dedicated servers are located in a $6-million dollar Unisys built Tier 1 data center with 24/7 dedicated support, redundant backbone and power connections, and two industrial generators with 14 days of diesel on site.

GetNetSmartSM clients share dedicated servers with half the typical traffic of a commercial shared server, resulting in better performance and up-time.

All our hosting solutions include daily incremental and weekly full tape backups (you'll never 'lose your web site' here), and varying levels of search engine submission services and reporting.

Hosting accounts are prepaid quarterly or annually.

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Web site hosting simply defined:

Think of it as renting an apartment where your web site will live.  Hosting is a monthly expense, which may be billed quarterly or annually. Hosting rates depend on the level of services you need, how busy your site is, and whether you need special features like a Secure Server Certificate or database interface. 

You should insist on a hosting provider with 99+% uptime, redundant connections to the Internet, live online statistics, and 24/7 staffing.  If you're on a shared server, ask how many other web sites are competing for server resources.

GetNetSmartSM clients share dedicated servers located in a secure, 10,000-square-foot data center. Monthly hosting rates range from $30 to $150+ per month, depending on your needs.  Our business clients typically invest $49-119 per month in a hosting package that includes POP3 Email, live statistics, daily web site and database backup service, monthly search engine submission and visibility reports.

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