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Fresh air, fresh water, fresh faces ...

So why are so many web sites stale?

We all want to do business with people who are looking out for our best interest. Providing fresh information on your web site is one way to do just that.

We know you're busy, and so close to your daily work you might overlook the fresh product, enhanced service, or industry trend that can benefit your clients.

You can give us the complete update ready to be posted to your site, or just a suggestion (trade magazine, industry web site, phone call or Email) and our copywriter does the rest. We'll write the update, forward it to you for approval or edits, and allow you to keep focused on running your business!

GetNetSmartSM can develop and maintain a FRESH section of your web site that gives your customers a reason to return again and again.

How much or how often you update will depend on your specific business needs. This service works hand-in-hand with our Email Marketing services. Regular reminders encourage your buyers to step off the fence (on your side!).

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