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The Strategies

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"Don't Make Me Wait" -

Think of your audience as the guy in the recliner with his hand on the remote.  Your competition is a click away.  If your home page doesn't load in under 8 seconds for most people, you're already in trouble.  You have a little more leeway with inside pages, especially for images of products or places your visitor is actually looking for.

Instant Payoff -

The first screen view on your home page should do one of two things: either show your visitor immediately that they've found what they want, or surprise them enough to capture their interest.  You need a combination of words and image — something that grabs attention right off the bat.

Rank Well -

Surveys show visitors who find you using search engines and directories are six times more likely to make a purchase than those who don't. Why? Because what they want is fresh in their mind. 

Your site has to be built well in order to rank well. The foundation and mechanics of the site should be designed with search engines foremost in mind.

Trust us on this: There are NO legitimate search engine ranking services that operate using junk mail. Enrolling in those "easy spam services" can actually hurt your site's ranking.

Enough Information -

People visit your site trying to learn about what you offer.  Do you tell them enough? Text content is the single most important factor for most search engine and directory ranking. Think of what would make the most rewarding experience for your visitors, and you'll be the one reaping the rewards.

Keep it Fresh -

What's your impression of a web site with outdated information?  Boring. Nobody's minding the store.  NEXT!!

The most successful sites keep fresh content flowing and make it worthwhile for visitors to make a return trip.  Combining Email marketing with fresh content is a proven traffic and loyalty builder.  
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