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Starting With Just The Basics ...

The Basics || The Strategies

Domain Name:

You've got to choose a domain name that does two things.  First, it should be easy to remember.  Second, it should include one or more of the key words people might use to look for your site. 

You don't actually own a domain name, but you pay for the privilege of using it on an annual basis, with fees ranging from $16-$35 or more per year.  
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Web Site Design:

Usually a one-time amount to construct your site.  You may redesign or add extra features over time, but the web design investment is your launching point.  The more you know about what you want, the better your web site will be.   The cost of a web site is completely driven by the content and features, so have a budget in mind before you begin. 

Be sure your design firm understands your expectations, and that contracted deliverables are clear.  Most design firms require a down payment before work begins, and the balance of payment before your site is published. GetNetSmartSM does not quote rates without understanding your project.

Web Site Hosting:

Think of it as renting an apartment where your web site will live.  Hosting is a monthly expense, which may be billed quarterly or annually. Hosting rates depend on the level of services you need, how busy your site is, and whether you need special features like a Secure Server Certificate or database interface. 

You should insist on a hosting provider with 99+% uptime, redundant connections to the Internet, live online statistics, and 24/7 staffing.  If you're on a shared server, ask how many other web sites are competing for server resources.

GetNetSmartSM clients share dedicated servers located in a secure, 10,000-square-foot data center. Monthly hosting rates range from $30 to $150+ per month, depending on your needs.  Our business clients typically invest $49-119 per month in a hosting package that includes POP3 Email, live statistics, daily web site and database backup service, monthly search engine submission and visibility reports.
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Web Site Maintenance:

You've got that great web site out there, but it needs to be changed or updated... what do you do?  If you're like most people, you've already got a full-time job!

Web site files are written in several programming languages, from simple HTML to complex programming languages.  Most sites include graphics and web pages built in two or more software programs.  Ever "lose a file" on your personal computer"? If you choose to do it yourself, invest in training so you understand the data management as well as how web site pages are constructed and appear in different browsers.

Many firms simply contract with professionals to take care of web site maintenance and updates as needed.  Most firms charge an hourly rate for their services, and usually have a minimum service charge and bill in 10- or 15-minute increments.  Hourly rates in Southwest Florida range from a low of "my kid's friend does it for free" to over $100 per hour for some types of programming.  When it comes to cheap web work, you almost always get what you pay for.
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Search Engine Positioning / Web Site Promotion

The first step to promoting your web site is to be sure it's built in a way that allows it to rank well with search engines and directories, and makes it easy for users to get what they need.  If the technical, textual and graphical aspects of your site are correct, then 70% of the job is done.

GetNetSmartSM offers search engine and directory submission services with quarterly reporting, and consults on pay per click and link development options that drive business to your site.  With our proactive web site design and management, we work with our premium clients to optimize web sites over time and develop exactly what your visitors are looking for.

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