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A guide to understanding how the process of designing a web site is started

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Alas - The Splash Design

The time for building your splash page is finally here!

With all of the aforementioned details considered and assets in place, the designer will develop a temporary splash design for your review.

What the Splash Page will reflect:

  • Suggest a general layout defining where the logo, navigation, contact info and primary page content will be placed.
  • Suggest colors and motif that will be used in the template and throughout the site
  • Will reflect how all site pages will look as they will be based on a template
  • Latin dummy text may be substituted where final copy will be later placed.
  • Comp image and graphic treatment suggestions

What the Splash Page will not reflect:

  • It will be one large image, and therefore will not be visually optimized for web viewing. Colors may appear muddier than in the final product and text may appear blurred.
  • Navigation links will not be hot, i.e., linked to any interior pages.
  • Anticipated animations will not be working – but there will be suggestion of size and location.
  • Page footers may not be fully developed unless a complex footer is anticipated.
  • Suggested comp images may appear be fuzzy and possibly watermarked COMP across image (and throughout site build-out) until final image decisions are made.

At this point, client feedback on the design, layout and suggested content is welcome. Once the splash layout has been tweaked and approved, the HTML template build-out process begins. Interior pages are developed upon the template and your new website is now well on its way to fruition. Congratulations!

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