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A guide to understanding how the process of designing a web site is started

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Design Concept & Theme

So what will your website look like?

Text Color Choice
Text Color Choice
Text Color Choice
Text Color Choice

The above example shows how colors in a logo help determine colors to be used on a website.

Color ideas start with the colors used in the company logo and design concepts are driven by the logo's style whether modern, traditional or eccentric. Which is why it is so important to have a final logo ready before website concept and design decisions are made. If you have no idea of colors or images or themes, we’d love to decide for you. However, what we would like to know is your taste preferences or if there is a website you like the looks of. We encourage you to surf the web! Find websites that are appealing to you visually and interactively and please share with us links to sites you’ve enjoyed.

If your company has a brochure or other types of media in circulation ...

Please share those items with us. We believe in consistency! We will aim to develop a website reflective of a favorite company brochure or any other preferred media, so as to remain consistent with your company’s corporate identity. If the current media is not suitable to your liking that’s OK too – we will make it better or design something entirely new. Brochures, PowerPoint files or any other media type are good for us to have early on and have proven to be great resources for the splash development and during the build-out phase. We will be glad to contact the print shop directly if we are provided the proper contact information.

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